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Types of Imorted Marble

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Basic Imported marble on an average starts from 350 rupees. That is Botticino, Crema Marfil. This are all very basic Imported marble starting range available in India. It varies between 350 to 400 rupees.

If you go to see a builder lot – Builders usually want bigger lot hence they even stress price upto 300 rupees. Sometimes 280 to 300 rupees. But that is not we should use inside Residential apartment. If you have low budget go for Botticino Imported Marble, but good quality botticino, which will range 350 to 400 rupees.

So thats the entry level of Imported marble.

Whenever you buys Marble you should always count wastage of 15%. So if you have requirement of around 100 sq. ft. you should ATLEAST buy 115 sq. ft. of marble.

After this – Price of Imported marble increases from 450 to 500 rupees. there are different types of marbles which come from different area of the world, based on that they are priced.

Based on the scarcity of Marble it becomes more expensive. For Botticino there are too many quarries around the world that is why it is cheap. Compared to that if you see Statuario Imported Marble demand is high but supply is limited, hence prices are high.

If you talk about Makrana white, many shop keepers tell you that they have Makrana white, however to be very honestly Makrana marble is already over in the world. Makrana marble is one which was used in making of Taj Mahal. Makrana marble is over but you get white marble which is very close to it, very similar to it. But many seller sell white marble by saying that it is Makrana marble with premium added to the price.

Breccia onicada marble: This is warmer, darker marble, with creamy browns and reds common. It is used both for countertops and floors. Breccia onicada is sometimes considered a form of limestone, and it has a more complicated veining pattern than most marbles. The term “breccia” refers to the rock’s composition, in which broken fragments are cemented together in a fine-grained mixture. This angular, broken pattern makes for a very attractive stone surface. The onicada form of brecciated marble is quarried in Italy.

Emperador marble: This marble is quarried from three different regions of Spain and is available in various shades of brown, with fine grains and irregular veins. The darker color makes is a good choice for floor areas that receive high traffic; it is also commonly used for fireplace surrounds.

Crema Marfil marble: This textured creamy beige stone has an overall yellow, cinnamon, or golden beige color with very soft veins of darker color. Like breccia onicada, it is sometimes marketed as a form of limestone. It is quarried in Spain.

There are also unique and exotic marbles available from Turkey, Greece, and other regions. These often are quite expensive, but they can have truly unique colors, such as deep reds or greens.

Carrara marble: This classic white or light gray marble is one of the lightest marbles used for flooring tiles. It is typically white or very light gray, with soft gray veins running through it is quarried in the city of Carrara in the northern tip of Tuscany, Italy. With hundreds of operating quarries producing it, Carrara marble is one of the most readily available marbles you can choose. By some accounts, more than 80% of all marble used in residential construction up to now is Carrara marble. Supplies of Carrara marble are dwindling, however, and you can expect other different sources of marble to come into heavier use in the coming years.

Calacatta marble: A whitish marble with very pronounced veins ranging from gray to golden brown. Originating in the Apian Mountains in Carrara, Italy, it is a high-end luxury stone that is used both in countertop slabs and flooring tiles. It is available in both honed and polished finishes. Calacatta is quite similar to Carrara marble, but with more prominent veining. This is a rarer and more expensive form of marble.

Statuary marble: Also called Statuario, this marble is also quarried from the Carrara region of Italy, but it has a lighter field with less color variation that classic Carrara marble. The veins are usually a mixture of light and dark gray. Calacatta is a rarer and more expensive form of Italian marble.

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