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Marble fireplace- Enhance the look of interiors!

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Most of the people get confuse while selecting material to build marble fireplace. Are you interested in the installation of fireplace for your home? So we’ve answer of this question.

Marble is a material which goes out with every surrounding; even people are also considering marble for the construction of their fireplace because Marble is one of the best natural materials for chimneys and fireplace.

From ancient times people are choosing marble because it has many benefits. Today also most of the people select marble for its looks, shine and durability but Marble used not only for decorative purposes; most importantly it is used for the safety.


Reason to choose marble fireplace

  • Enhance appearance- Marble fireplace brings out the luxurious appeal and coziness to your place. The shine of marble always attracts people! It will add on the sophisticated effect to your living room.
  • Easy Maintenance- Marble is ideal for fireplace because after installation process it is easy to maintain it for long run. You can simply clean it with damp cloth every week or you can clean it with dry cloth. You don’t have to spend much time on cleaning.
  • Color options- The best part about marble is it gives royal touch wherever you install it. As it is natural material it is marvelous with variety of colors. From Dark black to milky white shade every color has its own beauty and polish which is remarkable.
  • Heat and fire resistant- Marble is a natural stone with all qualities you need while building a fireplace. This material is heat as well as fire resistant. So it will never catch fire or get damaged. It is perfect stone for fireplace.
  • Suitable stone- You can design your interiors with any style as it can match with every look. This is the advantage of marble it will always stay appealing for very long time. When it comes to fireplaces it can efficiently create a traditional looking fireplace or bring the light of a modern fireplace.

Few Ideas to make it aesthetically appealing

Explore some beautiful Marble fireplace ideas which will help you to choose the design and look for your home. You can try these looks if you want to see some change in your interior.

  • Traditional Marble Fireplace- You can try antique style by giving classical design to the fireplace and whole interior. You can try luxurious 90’s designs to emphasis the retro part. In the world of trend traditional look is trend-setter.
marble fireplace

Modern Look- If you love the shining look of white marble than Modern look will go with some contemporary furniture and sober clean Marble shine. These looks are created to highlight everything.

Black and White marble- You can apply both black and white marble for your fireplace. You can try with any pattern but it will go good when you try the inside line with black and outside line with white marble.

Striped Marble Fireplace- Add a hyping dose to your fireplace by designing it with stripped marble. This will give the visual impact and a new look.

Iron and Marble design- You can pick black marble with iron frame for your fireplace. This will not give the common look and make it balanced with both shine and rugged piece of art.

Calm and modern- To feel totally up to date you can try this calm and modern look. It will add coziness and warmth appeal which will totally reflect the modish interior.

Smooth texture Finish- If you’re looking for different from all design idea this idea is for you. The blend of smoothness with texture finish will always go with the trend this will give out the bulky and beautiful look which focuses on the marble fireplace.

You can do a lot more with your fireplace by picking correct style and pattern according to your design and setup. But try to create look which highlight the marble fireplace and make it look miraculous.

How to care!

Marble never goes out of trend but to keep it for long time you need to keep in mind some easy maintenance tips which will help you to make your marble hearth always up to date.

  • Proper air flow- There should be proper ventilation system in your fireplace. This will not affect your marble and the smoke will pass though proper way. If the ventilation system will not be good it will not only affect the marble it will also affect the color of your walls.
  • Proper sealed- This is one of the main point you should consider when you’re using marble. Proper sealing and installation of marble helps you to keep it in same condition for long time. It increases the grace of the marble fireplace.
  • Clean regularly- Cleaning is important for everything. So you should not be careless with your marble fireplace. Proper cleaning of ash from inside to keep your marble clean with damp cloth regularly is important.
  • Stain free- When you have kids in your house or sometimes you spill something on your marble can comes out with stain. So you should clean it just after you see any stain on your marble.
mrble fireplace

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