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Dark Emperador Marble

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Dark Emperador Marble Italian Marble is the material that has mostly used for decorative purposes. Many kinds of materials have been on the market for most of the times, instead of Italian marble others are no longer available due to some limited resources. Because of our latest technology and upgraded knowledge it has become the most admired material in the market. It is the material that is most widely used for the flooring and mainly used for bathrooms as floor tiles. It is one of the largest selections of stone all over the world. It provides the richest visual appeal and high shining to that area.

Dark Emperador Marble Italian Marble is the material that has mostly used for decorative purposes. Many kinds of materials have been on the market for most of the times is very soft and scratch resistant. It makes a very beautiful and powerful impact on the flooring. It is also one of the most durable materials and best suited according to needs. It offers the class appeal for house and offices.

We are the manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers of Italian marble and tiles. We provide a very good quality of Italian marble. It can be used for flooring, bathrooms, hotels, restaurants, resorts, business offices, schools, colleges, shopping malls, and hospitals, etc.

Dark Emperador Marble

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Dark emprador has been used since the time of Ancient Rome and it was called the “Luni marble”. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the marble quarries were monitored by the Cybo and Malaspina families who ruled over Massa and Dark emprador. The family created the “Office of Marble” in 1564 to regulate the marble mining industry. The city of Massa, in particular, saw much of its plan redesigned (new roads, plazas, intersections, pavings) in order to make it worthy of an Italian country’s capital. Following the extinction of the Cybo-Malaspina family, the state was ruled by the House of Austria and management of the mines rested with them. The Basilica of Massa is built entirely of Dark emprador and the old Ducal Palace of Massa was used to showcase the precious stone.

Dark emprador is Indian marble of black color with flow pattern of grey color on it. It has stunning appearance and beautiful unique design pattern. It is natural Indian marble stone. Its flow design may vary from batch to batch. It has very low water absorption capacity and is highly resistive to heat. This marble is widely appreciated for its hardness and durability.

Dark Emperador Marble

Dark emprador is a special material of the highest quality that is extracted from the Campanili quarry located between Colonnata, Fantiscritti and Miseglia, both in Dark emprador, Italy. Dark emprador, one of the exclusive marbles of Furrer S.p.A. Dark emprador is a natural stone that is able to match the tradition to modernity, a versatile, elegant and sophisticated material suitable for both interior and exterior projects. Dark emprador is distinguished by its gleam and its precious brilliance, characteristics that make it an ideal decorative marble for the creation of interior projects as marble stairscase, marble flooring or facings for homes and public places.

Dark Emperador Marble

Dark emprador is a distinctive Italian marble of Dark and gold’s. Available in both honed and polished finishes, this elegant natural stone is the perfect choice to create stunning marble countertops, statement kitchen islands, marble tile floors, shower surrounds, and backsplashes. For flexibility in design and installation, a wide range of coordinating wall tiles, floor tiles, and mosaic tiles are available.

To the average homeowner, marble slabs are just a nice material for their kitchen or bathroom. However, in the northern mountains of Italy, not all marbles are created equal, even if they’re quarried from the same area. There are certain qualities that set each and every marble slab apart.


In 2017, the worldwide demand for luxurious natural stones is higher than it’s ever been. Two of the most infamous stones are Dark emprador and Dark emprador. However, they are often misidentified. Since Dark emprador is typically more popular than Dark emprador, it’s sometimes considered to be “better,” although this isn’t a true statement. A crucial detail to understand about all marble slabs, and those of other natural stones, is that every slab is unique since they are formed via natural processes. Because of this, every stone will vary.

Dark Emperador Marble : About

Talking about Dark emprador means talking about design, architecture and decoration. For this reason, the best known architects and interior designers in the world use this valuable material in order to create countless projects.

Nature has been able to create, over the years, a beautiful and unique material called Dark emprador. Consequently we, at Pulycort, have tried to maintain the highest standards, taking care of this natural stone in every process, that is, from the blocks extraction to the manufacturing and laying of this material, always having in mind the same idea: to create a unique atmosphere.

Unlike other porcelain materials, Dark emprador follows nature patterns, thus there are not two similar pieces of this material, what makes this stone exceptional and inimitable.

We know that we cannot go against nature, but thanks to the number of years that that we have been working with material, we have learned that, for example, it can be classified according to its different characteristics such as the lack of veins or the different kinds of tonality.


Dark emprador has a distinctive pale background with touches of patterned color that make this elegant surface more refined and interesting. While the best of the stone tends to be uniform in color and grains, it has considerable variation; after all it is a naturally occurring stone, making it an artwork created from the earth. The marble is quarried from areas around Mount Coto and has wide ranging uses including creative tiles, backsplashes, and as well fine and elegant flooring. The subtle tone of this marble allows it to be a wonderful choice for modernist bathrooms and kitchens as well as the most classic of spaces that require a touch of natural stone.

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