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Want to Buy Makrana Marble from India in 2021 ?

makrana marble

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About Makrana Marble

Makrana Marble, the name originated because this marble is mined in Makrana ( A small town in Rajasthan, India). Makrana Marble is famous for its royal look.

Makrana Marble is also listed as a Global Heritage Stone.

Makrana Marble was used in many famous iconic monuments of India like the Taj Mahal (Agra) and the Victoria Memorial (Kolkata) and many more. You can have the idea about Makrana Marble’s whiteness & Quality by seeing this picture below of the famous Taj Mahal.

Buy Makrana marble in india

Makrana pure white marble have very less impurities that is the reason of it’s whiteness for a long period of time. Also, Makrana Marble contains 98 percent of calcium that makes it resistant to water seepage. Makrana marble comes with different shades depends on the level of impurities.

Normally, It have 2 % of impurities but sometimes it can go higher also. Makrana Marble most commonly comes in colors like pure white, white with grey shades and white with pink shades.

If anyone looking for a marble with long lasting properties then Makrana marble can be a great option for you. The polish of makrana marble is also consider one of the best amongst all. It’s water absorption is lowest among all the marble from india.

Makrana Marble countertop most commonly used for Houses, Hotels, Restaurants, Corporate officel. It can easily give a premium effect to your place.

Makrana Marble Price

Talking about Makrana marble price it’s a medium range marble which can give your house a premium look. Makrana marble price range starts from Rs. 40/ sqft and can go upto Rs. 1,000 /sqft

Types of Makrana Marble

Makrana Marble countertop comes in various design and pattern. It have shades of white, grey and pink. Here’s some famous category of makrana marble

1. Makrana White Marble

Makrana white marble is very versatile in nature. It can be used anywhere from residential to commercial buildings and other religious places.

2. Brown Albeta Marble

Brown Albeta marble is a calcite stone. These stones doesn’t need any chemical treatment. It is a milky white marble and also available in grey and panther brown pattern.

3. Dungri Marble

Dungri Marble have combination of white and grey in its pattern.

dungri marble

4. Albeta Marble

Albeta Marble is one of the best range comes in Makrana marble. It have black lining design which gives it a premium look.

Albeta Marble

5. Makrana Pink Marble

Makrana pink marble mostly used for decorative purpose for houses because of its color and stunning pattern.


Makrana Marble exported to various countries including Persian Gulf countries, All over Asia, Canada, the European Union. Apart from makrana marble countertop, this marble is also famous for handicraft product.

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