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Buy best black galaxy granite from India in 2021

black galaxy granite

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Do you import Black Galaxy granite regularly from India?

So, let’s discuss what you can do to save yourself from any hassles while making a purchase of Black Galaxy Granite from India, which happens to be the hottest granite export of India. Make yourself a smart buyer for Black galaxy granite countertops .

About Black Galaxy Granite

The Black Galaxy Granite has widely demanded for its elegant finishing and stain free nature. Heat Resistance, smooth edges and it’s easy to clean nature are the reasons for its success. Black Galaxy Granite is Manufactured under the guidance of experts.

In black galaxy granite countertops you will see gold or white flecks on a black base. It can be used for in various ways like – kitchen countertop, flooring, stairs for an elegant look to your place.

black galaxy granite

Shree ram expo provides the quality black galaxy granite at lowest price.

Black Galaxy Granite price

Talking about price of Black galaxy granite it’s a premium quality granite which can give luxury look. Black Galaxy Granite slab price range starts from Rs. 190/ sqft and can go upto Rs. 500 /sqft.

Things to keep in mind before buying black galaxy granite

Have you ever transferred advance to a supplier but didn’t receive goods on time or the quality was not what you were promised or damaged goods or never at all?

Did you receive material having cracks, lines or patches?

Is the material lacking shine?

If the answer is “YES” to any or all of the above questions, then here’s some tips for you.

1. Never transfer any advance amount unless the seller is known or verified

There are plenty of scamsters and brokers these days, who get your contact details from social networking sites such as Facebook and then offer you material at unbelievable prices just to get an advance amount from you.

Hence, it is advisable that you first verify the seller then only transfer the advance amount.

Here are a few tips to verify.

Ask whether they have a working website address? 

Make a video call without scheduling so that you get to know whether they have products and a warehouse or not?

Ask for an invoice, packing list or bill of lading of other clients? 

Ask if they have any local agents in your country? 

Ask them for L/C, most of the middlemen or third party suppliers would say no! Only the genuine sellers will get ready for L/C. But, making L/C will cost you 600$ approx against bank charges on a container, so please keep that in mind. 

Ask them if you guys have any mutual contacts or they can give you references or client testimonials, etc.

2. Accept only black line

If you are paying for premium quality galaxy black, then you should accept only black line in the material, white line should not be present as it is considered very bad in the market outside India.

Material containing white line is not fresh, and is usually called commercial quality.

3. Buy auto/machine/line polish material only

Never purchase material with hand polish as it will be lacking shine and also there will be many cracks, patches, spots and lines which will be hidden under chemical lubricants or oil that they apply while hand polish.

Usually the price of autopolish is more but don’t pay attention to the pricing, as the material would be better, and in hand polish, due to lubricants measurement loss also happens.

If you have a local contact then it is advisable to ask him or her to check the material before making the payment.

Many suppliers will claim that the material is auto polish but it usually comes out as fake commitment and you get cheated when receiving the material which is full of cracks and various spots hidden using hand polish, which you will not be able to find out on a video call.

Hence it is advisable to buy from a reputed seller having good reviews and who has been longer in business.

That’s it from this blog, will be back with another interesting blog very soon.

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