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Best Granite Countertops For Kitchen in 2021

best granite countertops for kitchen

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Give your kitchen a new look with our classy “Trendy granite countertops for Kitchen” .As a place where you spend most of time with your loved ones, the design of your kitchen is crucial.

Here Are Some Trendy Granite Countertop list:

1. White Marble Countertop

When it comes to kitchen countertops ,White marble is best choice .The stunning stone pairs well with stainless steel appliances and It gives bright, clean, and peaceful kitchen vibe. It can make an ordinary kitchen seem extraordinary.Here are some of the most popular styles of white marble include: Alaska White,Alps White,Colonial White,MoonWhite.

2. Blue Pearl Countertop

The blue pearl  tends to be popular kitchen countertop due to its silvery blue shade and being unique of all the other types of stones.This granite is heat-resistant and available in many different shades. The look of limestone will give off a feeling of light and warmth in your space.

Blue pearl countertops, much like any natural stone countertops, are a high-quality option for your kitchen .It is a great way to keep your minimalistic design from becoming too minimal by adding a gorgeous design.

3.Colonial Gold Countertop

Colonial Gold granite looks great in this large kitchen. Colonial Gold granite is a medium to coarse-grained, grey-yellow granulite.The lighter colored granite and mid tones of the cabinets keep the space feeling light and open.It  contrast perfectly with the dark cabinets and hardwood floor. 

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