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6 Best Flooring Products that will Absolutely Floor You


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There are plenty of options for flooring available today, and the material we use in the flooring adds heavily to the overall impact of our homes. We have handpicked multiple varieties to blend into different areas of your home, such as marble, granite, or any other material. Due to the myriad of options, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide which material is the best suited for your home as each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Hence, we have created a list to help you pick out the best from the rest. Let us now look at the six best flooring products which can be suited for any Indian home.

1. Marble 

Marble flooring adds a sense of luxury to your home, and it is extensively available in several varieties and colors, making it the most sought after product in homes. But, due to its porous nature, it needs to be avoided in moisture-filled areas. The durability of marble is usually very high; however, to maintain its finishing and shine, it needs to be re-polished in a span of 5 years. 

Marble tends to be very heavy, and the large-sized sheets are usually fragile. Keep in mind to hire skilled laborers for the installation of marble. Also, the price range of marble is slightly on the higher side. The tentative cost of Indian marble is ₹250 per square feet, and Italian marble is approx ₹500 per square feet.  

2. Granite

The second-most prevalent material for flooring in both indoor and outdoor areas is granite. It is well suited for all types of weather conditions, e.g., extreme summer season, as it can easily hold out against high temperatures. Granite is very durable and has an aesthetic look and feel. Like marble, it is also widely available in colors like black, green, etc. The cost of granite starts from as low as ₹200 per square foot.

3. Mosaic

Mosaic is a preferable option for people who are fond of colors. It is aesthetically appealing, majestic, strong, durable, and is less expensive, having a seamless design. The approximate cost of Mosaic Stone starts from ₹100 per sqft.

4. Kota Stone

Kota Stone is usually available in green, blue, or brown colors in Rajasthan. It is durable, affordable, non-slippery, and non-porous, making it one of the best options for high footfall areas. It can get used in the flooring of both indoor and outdoor areas. The installation method for this takes longer as compared to that of tiles. The cost of Kota Stone starts from a minimum of ₹120 per square foot.

5. Vitrified Tiles

It is the most suitable option for people who wish to get flooring done at a minimal cost, and it offers a wide range of colors & patterns. These are usually plenty good for those who wish to have a different design in all of their rooms. It has low porosity, durability, and is easy to install and maintain. It is also very fragile and has a comparatively shorter lifespan. Its cost starts at ₹100 per square foot.

6. Wooden Laminate Flooring

The installation of Wooden Laminate Flooring is relatively easier. However, the only shortcoming of wooden laminate flooring is that it is very slippery when it becomes wet. The range of Wooden Laminate Flooring varies between ₹120 to ₹450 per square feet. Wooden laminates are usually cool underfoot and hence, make up for a promising choice for places with a usually warm climate.     

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