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5 things to know before buying marble

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In this blog I am going to share things you should know before buying marble,So that you can save yourself from cheating.

Friends, I have 11 years of experience in marble business.

I have seen many fraud also in these years
But Nobody talk about these fraud. Similar case happened with one of my friend paritosh ,He purchased marble for his house. So paritosh told me, Ankit someone cheated on him.

The marble that I had bought did not received the same.That means he have shown something else & loaded different material.
So, I thought I should make a blog on this topic .

If you are buying marble for your home do not make these mistakes.

1. Get actual requirements

You have to do some research before buying.
That How much sq.ft you will require?
And the type of marble you will require?
So that no one can cheat you.
No can try to sell you Extra material.

2.Check marble loads carefully

Check that the marble shown to you how many pieces are there in that lot.
And the size of every piece are same or not.If not, it’s a case of lot mixing
Don’t buy that marble for your home.Because when you fit that marble in your home,
you will realise half of the pattern is different from the another one.
At the end You will end up losing your money.

3. Be careful with marble fitters

Stay away from marble fitters.Now, you are thinking “why”.
Friends you require Marble fitters in fitting the marble only.
If possible avoid marble fitters.And don’t take them with you to buy marbles.
Because they charge Commission from the shopkeeper.And because of this shopkeepers sell you low quality material in high prices.
If you don’t have the knowledge about marble.
Marble fitters praises shopkeepers soo much in front of you.
That this marble is too good
But that’s not the reality

4.Check measurement properly

Always, do measurements in front of you and Also remember to cross check the writing measures also.
Because sometimes measurement tape shows something else and they write something else
and you don’t even Realise how 500 Sqft converts to 550 sqft.
They cheated for 50 sqft in front of you.
In calculation Always check that it should be divided by 144.
Because fraudsters don’t divide with 144
From this you will face minimum 50 % loss
You don’t even Realise how shopkeepers and marble fitters fools you with 50 % extra money.

5.Always buy in day time

Avoid buying marble in the evening or night time
& avoid loading also at night and the shopkeepers which are going to fraud you,
They will insist loading in evening .
Or they will make some excuse to delay so that loading can be done in the evening
Always buy marble in morning time
Because in evening there a chance of Cracks, lot mixing & color variation.

Friends you can checkout our video.
Share this with your friends and family ,So that when someone is buying marble they can save themself from frauds.

By Ankit Singhal, MD, Shree Ram Expo

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