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1 secret which can change the way you buy Black Galaxy Granite

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I Am Sure That You Keep Receiving A Lot Of Photos Of Indian Granite On Your Whatsapp And Facebook. You Must Have Joined A Lot Of Marble Groups On Facebook As Well. There You Always Get Information On Lowest Prices Of Granite. But Nobody Will Talk About The Quality Of Granite

Friends You Know Very Well If You Are An Expert In Buying Balck Galaxy Granite Then Nobody Can Compete With You.  And You Are The Only  King In Your  Market For Selling Indian Granite. Also You Can Double Your Sales

And Do You Know How You Can Double Your Sales? 

 So My Dear Audience You Know Very Well  If You Give Best Quality Of Balck Galaxy  Granite To Your Customers, Then They Will Buy Other Granite Colour  Also From You .It Is Very Important That You Have All The Knowledge For Purchasing Black Galaxy Granite.

You Are Always Confused About The Price Of Black Galaxy Granite. This Is Because  Your Supplier Does Not Talk Openly About The Quality Of  Balck Galaxy Granite.You Are Always Confused About The Price Of Black Galaxy Granite. This Is Because  Your Supplier Does Not Talk Openly About The Quality Of  Balck Galaxy Graniite.

Now I Am Going To Share 1 Secret With You. If You Apply That Correctly, You Can  Shock Your Supplier. He Will Think That You Know Everything About Balck Galaxy And Will Be Afraid To Give You Wrong Prices And You Can Save Yourself From Cheating By Suppliers 

 My Dear Friends Before You Give Any Order To Your Supplier You Need To Ask: 

How Many % Of Balck Line Is Coming In Slabs ,
Is That Balck Line Thick Or Thin
Will That Line Be Going Horizontal Or Vertical And
Ask About Cross Line Also
Then You Can Talk About The Size Of Slabs. Also Talk About If They Are Giving Hand Polished Or Line Polished
And The Most Important Don’t Not Forget About
Availability Of Galaxy In Slabs Is Single Side Or Both Sides

Galaxy Is Available In 4 Types Of Qualities But Nobody Shares Information About Them.
1) Low Commercial:

In This Quality You Will Get Balck Line , White Line, Galaxy Variation, And Many More Problems , If You Get Like That Quality From Your Supplier Then You Will Understand Your Supiller Give You Low Commercial Quality Of Granite.

2) Good Commercial:

If You Are Buying Good Commercial Quality Then You Will Accept Only Black Line , In That Quality Black Line Coming 30% Only. If Your Supplier Gives More Than 30% Then You Have To Understand That He Is Mixing Low Commercial Quality And You Need To Save Yourself From Paying Extra.

3) High Commercial:

In This Quality, Black Lines Are Only 5-10% But My Dear Friends, Remember That All The Suppliers Are Not Genuine. A Few Of Them Try To Cheat And For This, They Mix The Qualities Together.

4) Premium Quality:

There Is No Presence Of Black Lines In This And Galaxy Also Uniform And Very Good But That Kind Of Quality Not Available Too Much In Indian Market So That Prices Going Be High.

You Must Have Understood By Now How Suppliers Can Play A Game With You. Your Focus Is Only On The Price And He Cheats You On The Basis Of Quality. You Don’t Talk About The Quality. Even He Does Not Talk About It.

By Ankit Singhal, MD, Shree Ram Expo

Shree Ram Expo – Italian Beige Marble 

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+91- 95715 10000

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